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Your time matters!

Want to find out more? Do you still have some questions? Want to prioritize your time better without worrying about a clean house? It all costs a lot less than you think. Make the right choice and enquire with us today and take the first step towards getting your time back


New customer price guarantee - We will beat any new or existing quote your may have from any other
cleaning company. Or give you the clean completely free.
Please note all office staff will be on training Friday 28th of September. You will not be able to contact the office during this period, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Current promotions

We have a plethora of promotions currently on-going for new and existing customers but if you are new to T.I.C.S Domestic why don't you enquire and take advantage of our 20% welcome discount offer? This was previously 15% but have and extra 5% on Us

Do you have friends, family or co-workers who are looking for a new or replacement cleaner? Recommend them and get a 50% referral discount for yourself and them whether you are a new or existing T.I.C.S customer.

All public sector staff receive a 10% discount on any quotation given.

Seeing is believing..

 You've heard of try before you buy? how about see before you gleam? We can try and convince you we are a premium quality cleaning service but why don't you come see for yourself? 

See what our customers say about us

 You never really know what a companies like until you join them, why put your mind at ease by first reading  what our customers really think of us?  

You can find reviews of our company on Trust Pilot by clicking HERE


Find google reviews of our company by clicking HERE

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Go Green

We as a company are making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. One of the ways we do this is by reducing the amount of paper waste we generate by making the switch to email correspondence rather than paper.