About Us

Who are we?

T.I.C.S domestic Ltd is a fully insured professional domestic cleaning service provider with a difference. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and quality assurance over making maximum profit from our clients. We provide the full circle of domestic services from hoovering and cleaning windows to carpet and oven cleaning plus everything in-between. We aim to be as flexible as possible, as we understand you want a service that suites you, not the company.

Our cleaners have years of experience to ensure you are getting the best possible clean and not just another run of the mill in and out cleaning service, we strive to be the best - not the quickest.

T.I.C.S performs DBS checks on all of our cleaners and ensure their records are completely clean  prior to joining our cleaning family, giving you the peace of mind that you have an experienced trust worthy company and individual providing you with the cleaning service you expect plus more! 

What do you get from us?

 (All public sector staff receive 10% discount)

  • What we offer is a completely bespoke service and arrangement which will have you feeling like you did the job yourself. We have on-going offers and promotions which you are able to take advantage of ensuring the already amazing prices offered by T.I.C.S are always to your satisfaction, and that isn't just limited to new customers!
  • As well as the use of our digital system, we provide you with the same cleaner for the duration of your cleaning schedule rather than having multiple people in and out of your home. This gives you the assurance you really have someone who is aware and cares about your cleaning preferences. - If you prefer a more informal arrangement, we also cater for that, all as part of our standard service.
  • If you already have a domestic cleaning provider, we will guarantee to beat your current price or give you a free clean (terms apply)
  • We provide a premium cleaning service, but not at a premium price.

Our digital system - Your peace of mind

One of the obstacles you find once you have cleaner or domestic cleaning service, is knowing what they've actually done and how long it's taken them. For most of us, allowing someone into your home is a massive step so doesn't it make sense that you'd want some sort of way to verify they're doing what they're supposed to be doing? 

Times change and we as a people adapt and change with it so it's time to stop limiting yourself by thinking of your domestic service provider as 'just a cleaner', it is a luxury, so why not get more from your service?

At T.I.C.S we embrace the modern era and use the technology to provide you with an all round better service. All our cleaners are equip with android devices which have T.I.C.S's unique bespoke system installed. The system has a template which all cleaners follow, the template allows you as the customer to see which room the cleaner was working in and how long it took them to complete the clean in that room, this has two uses. The first and most important is, no one knows how to clean your home like you do, you know how long tasks take to do within your home so it allows you to verify that the correct level of work is being done based on how long it took the cleaner. The second is, it allows us to verify the assessment timescales made for your property. In the event that we notice the cleans are being constantly completed under the assessed estimate, but still being cleaned to the high standards we expect, this information is used to reduce your original quotation price when your account review is carried out. 

The system also allows you to see 'before and after' pictures of each individual room; to make this more beneficial the completed template is automatically sent in a report format (including pictures) to your email address meaning you have a record of each clean should you ever need it, but more importantly it means you can see the clean as it happens whilst you're at work, doing the shopping or even doing something else with your new found free time.

Our system also allows our office staff to constantly perform quality control checks to make sure we consistently provide a 5* quality clean making us a provider you can truly rely on.

Our Aims

Customer Satifaction and our price promise


We provide a fully insured premium level all round service  tailored exactly to your needs at an affordable price. Whether you need us to fit around your schedule, or get your cleaning preferences exactly how you like them, we are completely flexible to ensure you receive the exact service you want . We are specialist in the domestic cleaning industry with quality being our main focus; we are not franchised so we can ensure our quality standards are consistent. Our focus is on you and it is essential for us that we make sure you are 100% satisfied, not just your cleans, but with the service. Cleaning is something we can all do ourselves, and we see it as a privilege that you allow us to clean your home, so why settle for a sub-standard service and clean? You are a paying customer for something that is a luxury not a necessity, shouldn't it feel like a luxury? We do more than just provide domestic cleaning services, we give you back the time better spent doing what really matters to you, the piece of mind that you are in the hands of true professionals and assurance that we will beat any new or existing quotation you may have from any other cleaning company.

Bespoke servicing

 We understand not every clean is the same, we understand from time to time you may require extra attention being given to some areas of your home. We are an all in one domestic service provider which means you don't have to go through the stress of finding reliable cleaners for different tasks. We do everything from general cleaning, to carpet cleaning, from oven cleaning to doing your laundry and everything in-between, if it is your home and needs cleaning, washing, ironing or folding, we are the right choice. You have the flexibility of adding and removing services or even tweaking requirements to ensure everything is to your specifications.

Customer assurence

Our number one imperative, is to make sure you as a customer are happy with every aspect of the service we provide you. To aid in quality control and customer assurance, we use our bespoke digital system which records details of your clean allowing for constant quality control checks to be carried out remotely. You also have the peace of mind of knowing what is actually going on within your home and how long each room is taking to clean. Traditionally if you were at work or elsewhere whilst someone was cleaning your home, you'd have no way of knowing if they were actually doing what they were supposed to, we've changed that.

For your safety and assurance all our cleaners go through strict security checks to ensure you have the most trust-worthy individuals entering your home.

All issues (if any), are dealt with directly by management to ensure the quires or potential problems are handled to the best possible standard and provide you with a service you deserve as a customer.