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Cleaning is an essential part of all our lives, whether we fit it in around our children’s school times, spend our weekends catching up on it or even just picking up the cushions and kids toys on an evening, simply because we don’t have time at any other point in our day; cleaning is something we all must do. 

Our daily lives limit the amount of time we have to do what we really want to do, for example, going to the gym, spending time with friends, the kids, your family. Did you know, there are 168 Hours in a week? we spend on average 40 of those hours at work, 14 traveling to and from work, 56 hours asleep, 7 hours eating (which just creates more mess) and well, if you factor in how long it takes you to clean and do general house work, this leaves you with very little time to do what’s really important to you. In a lot of cases this can also begin to put a strain on certain aspects of your life and cause stress because all those hours you spent getting the house spotless all seem ‘wasted’.. before you know it, it’s back to how it was.

You deserve a break! you deserve to spend your time doing what really matters to you! Even if it’s only once a week, once every two weeks or even once a month! Wouldn’t you feel so much better coming home after a long day knowing cleaning or other house work are issues you don’t have to worry about? Having the peace of mind knowing everything is clean and taken care of? it would even reduce the amount you have to do yourself during the week as it’d simply be a case of having to do a few light touches to maintain your home until the next time it’s cleaned, rather than spending hours every week.

T.I.C.S domestic are here to help give you some of that precious time back whilst giving you the peace of mind knowing your house will be left in the very best condition possible after every clean. Remember ‘Your Time Matters’  let us help you get some of it back.

For less than you spend on coffee


Did you know on average in Britain we spend £42.50 a week on coffee? The ironic thing about that is we drink coffee to help us get through our hectic days. Enquire with us today to see how for less than you spend on coffee, we could help make your life less hectic.  

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Having a cleaner is a luxury not a necessity, don't settle for anything less than the best. Get in touch with us now and see why we are the 5* domestic services provider. We are more than just cleaners, we are your peace of mind, we are the best and no one ever regretted getting the best.